Building Anything? Choose “Maintenance Friendly”!

  • We at Precast Cement Products manufacture a range of Coloured Concrete bricks and blocks.From Retaining wall blocks to pigment coloured face brick (a great alternative to clay face bricks).
  • Do you need a retaining wall?  We are the only retaining wall block supplier in Durban, in KZN, in fact, in all South Africa who offers a full colour range. Using concrete building blocks is a great garden retaining wall system for DIY projects and even for large-scale projects. These dry-stack blocks (i.e. no mortar required) are simple to install, are the perfect interlocking retaining wall system.
  • Concrete Bricks and Concrete Blocks, sometimes called cement bricks and cement blocks, are often a cheaper alternative to clay bricks, and more eco-friendly as they can be crushed and recycled.
  • We manufacture and supply bricks and blocks according to industry standard design: Hollow concrete blocks, comes in 3 standard sizes. There are also imperial brick sizes still used when making cement stock bricks. And there is a hybrid size called the maxi brick.
  • Unlike clay, pigmented concrete bricks and blocks have a pigment added during the mixing process which can be replicated even years later – ideal for alterations or additions as the old and new product are almost identical.
  • Our quote page will be up soon so you can check our pricelist, until then, contact us for pricing on our bricks and blocks.

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