Terms and Conditions

All quotations issued and contracts entered into by Precast Cement Products C.C. (The Company) are subject to these conditions unless specifically varied in writing. Specifications, Prices and Extras listed by The Company from time to time are for information only. The Company may disregard any conditions of sale printed on the Purchase’s Order unless the order expressly stipulates that the conditions may nor be disregarded pursuant to this condition. The Company shall not be bound by any quotation, tender or other offer, or by the acceptance of any order or other offer, unless and until approved by a Director in writing.

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Our Building Guidelines are as follows:

  •  Blocks stacked on site and been used in the building should be kept as dry as possible.
  • Do not rake out the joints when pointing, use a half round tool so that the mortar remains on the front edges of the block. This method is better for waterproofing.
  • Any mortar that spills onto the face of the block, allow to partially dry before trying to remove, use a scraper and nylon brush with mortar lift or similar from a bucket.

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